About Us

Reprobait Magazine

Because we couldn’t sit with them…

We’re Ami and Boom. We look oddly like the main characters of Frozen, and our religion is sweatpants. As two people who’ve felt largely unrepresented by gay/bi/wtf? media, and frankly, sick of the scene, we thought that the best way to fight it would be through giving up on our social endeavours entirely and spending the rest of our lives eating pizza and watching Netflix.

Oh, and then we decided to start our own magazine.

So here it is; Reprobait: for everyone that’s bored of being underwhelmed. For disillusioned girls who don’t need to be told how to feel, what to wear and how to fit in, (but don’t mind a shove in the right direction if there are some nice shoes on sale). Sure, it’s for girls who like girls, but, astonishingly, we know there’s more to life than lesbians.


As for the others? Well, we couldn’t sit with them. So we made our own fucking sofa, and you can totes sit with us. We want this magazine to represent YOU, and want to cover things that interest other girls like us, so Tweet and email us all you like. We love the attention.