Six British YouTubers You Need To Clear A Day To Watch

Christmas is coming, and in the YouTube community that means one thing and one thing only… VLOGMAS. Here we present our list of the British YouTubers whose videos you just can’t afford to miss this season and why…

Jim Chapman

Jim Chapman 

Currently in the running for GQ’s best dressed of 2015, Jim is one of the hottest YouTubers on the scene. Gathering momentum alongside his regular weekly videos, are his daily vlogs on side channel, EverydayJim. He documents his life with fellow YouTuber and fiancée, Tanya Burr. His daily trips to the gym, almost freakishly organised wardrobe, and the sweetest surprise gifts for Tanya, only serve to compliment his naturally chatty, friendly, and if, slightly nerdy, personality. To put it simply: Mr. Jim Chapman is an actual joy to watch.

Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr

If you’re having a bad day, this is the channel to watch. Jim’s fiancée, Tanya, is the epitome of happiness. It is a rare day when Tanya doesn’t have a smile on her face in her videos. Her vlogmas videos are the most festive EVER, filled with Christmas Starbucks drinks, Christmas tree shopping, and Christmas present wrapping. In sum, they are not to be missed this year. Her regular channel is made up of make-up and beauty videos, with tutorials and hauls of new goodies featuring heavily. On occasion, she films collaborations with fellow YouTubers and friends, such as Zoella, and fiancé, Jim.


You’ve probably already heard of Zoe Sugg, a.k.a Zoella, because she’s got this YouTube thing down. While the rest of us mere mortals stumble around with an out of focus camera, filming only half our faces and covering the microphone in the process, she tackles the challenge with the elegance of a seasoned film student. Making a range of videos, she tackles everything from what to do when your hair looks like you have been electrocuted, to how to deal with anxiety. She is also as cute as a button, which never hurt anybody.

Joe Sugg 

The little brother of Zoella, Joe has some rather large boots to fill (metaphorically – cos Zoe is tiny), and he does so in his typical boyish style. His videos are almost the total opposite of his sister’s. Joe lives with fellow YouTuber, Casper Lee (it’s nice that there’s an incestuous ’scene’ elsewhere than the lesbian world), who has become a regular feature in Joe’s videos, particularly the ‘Pranks on my Roommate’ series. Other popular videos include the ‘YouTuber Whispers’, which I promise will have you collapsing in laugher by the end sequence and consequent bloopers.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 02.18.02
So Totally Vlog

At this point, I’m not sure if I want to be her, or marry her. Lexi is one of the best fashion and beauty YouTubers out there, who also happens to be the proud owner of potentially the most adorable dogs on YouTube. Her videos are heavily focused on clothes and make up: a definite go-to place if you are having a fashion S.O.S, or just simply in need of some inspiration. Her hauls of makeup and clothes will make you green with envy and you’ll be online shopping in seconds. Thankfully, she generously aids you in spending all of your money by linking the items in the description bar below her vids. Great. *sigh*

Alfie Deyes

Want a YouTuber who’s pretty much solidly guaranteed to provide near daily entertainment? Look no further than Alfie Deyes, also known as the boyfriend of Zoella. Almost every day of his life is vlogged, whether that involves introducing his new puppy, or attending one of his own book signings. A piece of advice: dramatically lower the volume on your device if you are watching a book signing vlog – the screams of thousands of teenage girls can be rather painful on your ears. Alongside his vlogs is his main channel, a mixture of games and opinion based videos. As if that wasn’t enough, Alfie also runs a gaming channel, Alfiegames. You’ll have trouble finding something not to watch.

Well there you have it, the best YouTubers out there at the moment. Their popularity is growing, but that doesn’t mean their content is diminishing in quality. The Christmas season is the perfect time to introduce yourself to the world of YouTube… and prepare to never escape.