The Ultimate Pre-Date Playlist

Going on dates is possibly one of the most nerve-wrecking situations we have to deal with in life, next to job interviews. Let’s face it, we’re British: One-on-one affairs with good looking strangers are our worst nightmare. The best way to prepare for a date (mentally) is to save a bit of time beforehand to relax with a drink and slowly get ready to a confidence boosting playlist.

And Reprobait has created the perfect RnB and Hip Hop playlist (so you don’t have to)

1. Get Busy – Sean Paul

Throw yourself back the Sean Paul days. The man is a genius. No matter what your mood, old school Sean Paul is sure to make you feel sexy!

2. No Scrubs – TLC

These lyrics will prepare you to be wined and dined and let you know you deserve this ‘cuz, you lookin like class’ and you don’t want no scrub (like your ex).

3. Look at Me Now – Chris Brown

Okay, so Chris brown is a bit of a douchebag but this is a tune and is sure to release your inner sasspot self.

4. F**kin’ Problems – Asap Rocky

Because we all love bad bitches.

5. What’s Luv – Fat Joe 

This song will get you singing at the top of your lungs and take you back to the good ol’ RnB days when you were care free and had no responsibilities.

6. Ready or Not – Fugees

Lauryn Hill’s mesmerising and soulful voice will relax you completely. This song will for sure prepare you for any given situation. Ready or not here you come!

7. Hey Ya’ – Outkast

Shake it to Outkast always. WHATS COOLER THAN BEING COOL? ICE COLD


8. Drunk In Love – Beyoncé ft Jay Z

Finished that drink? Save this til last, and scream your lil heart out. Bey knows.